1. Pre-press the garment for 3 seconds. If in high humidity environments, press for 5 seconds.
  2. Place the Reveal Dark printed paper face down on the garment.
  3. Press for 12 seconds with heavy pressure.
  4. Peel immediately and quickly pulling at a 45 degree angle to the garment. Peel should take less than 3 seconds.
  5. Pop image 2-3 times quickly. Place a piece of parchment paper on the image and press for 30 seconds.
  6. Remove parchment paper. Pop garment 4-5 times.

That's it!
Allow the garment to condition for 24 hours before washing.


Heat Press Settings  -  George Knight DK20S
Pressure High
Temperature 375F (190C)
Press Time 12 seconds
Cool Down 0 seconds - Hot Peel
Cure Press 30 seconds
Fixation Allow 24 hours before washing


Wash garment in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, bleach alternatives or enzyme containing detergents. Dry on low. Do not iron directly on the imaged area.